Red Star Premier Cuvee Wine Yeast - 500g

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Anything but residual-sugar wines
500g Red Star Premier Cuvee Wine Yeast


Species : Wine
Fermentation Temp Range (°F) : 45-95
Apparent Attenuation Range (%) : n/a
Flocculation : Low
Alcohol Tolerance : 18%

Pitching/Fermentation : Red Star Premier Cuvée Wine Yeast(Davis 796), a
strain of Saccharomyces bayanus from a French wine yeast, is a special
isolate of Red Star Yeast & Products.
This yeast has good tolerance to ethanol and free sulfur dioxide, and
ferments to dryness. Premier Cuvée is noted as a very low producer of
foam, urea, and fusel oils. It is recommended for reds, whites and
especially champagne.

Notes : This yeast is
reported to perform well restarting stuck fermentations. Winemakers have
remarked that Premier Cuvée is the fastest, cleanest, and most neutral
fermenter offered by Red Star.

Best Styles : Anything but residual-sugar wines

Looking for a Liquid or Dry Yeast Substitution? The brewers at Adventures in Homebrewing have tried most of them. The following are some suggestions that have worked for us.
Liquid Yeast Substitution : n/a
Dry Yeast Substitution : n/a

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Customer Reviews

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Derrick Hill
Great product!

Used this for the first time about a month ago. I'm blown away at how quick it got to work. I had a 6 gallon batch completely dry to .990 in about two weeks using this yeast (fermented at about 68 degrees). I know that some people swear by a slow fermentation but I honestly can not tell much difference between this quick batch with the Premier Cuvee and some that I've had take close to two months with Premier Classique. I even used this yeast a week ago to restart a fermentation on some apple wine that had stalled out on me near 1.040. It was back to aggressively fermenting within 10 minutes. I was amazed. This is all I will use from now on.

William J Canar
For a neutral spirit

Bought this based on a recipe found here: This is for a 6 gallon wash. (23 Liter) 9 pounds of sugar{dissolved in hot water} 1 tsp of citric acid 2 Tbsp of DAP (Yeast Nutrient) 1/8 tsp Epsom salts 60 grams Red Star Premier Cuvee Yeast OR º cup bakers yeast 1 tsp Gypsum (For PH and Hardness) In fact I bought most of the above from AiH. Worked really well. Fermentation was very quick to start, but a slower paced fermentation throughout (about 10 days from beginning to end). Distilled 1x through a T500 and filtered 1x through a homemade activated carbon filter tube. No cuts, no stripping runs, etc... Turned out really well and enjoyed by many.

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