400 Micron Stainless Hop Filter - 4" x 10"

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400 Micron Stainless Hop Filter - 4" x 10"

Filter your hops with ease with these 400 Micron Hop Filter. Featuring tabs on the top, this filter easily attaches to the side of your kettle, keeping hop materials contained while allowing the hop oils to diffuse fully into your brew. Top features a cross strip that serves as handle to easily remove the filter or stir it through your batch. This filter is also incredibly helpful when utilizing a plate chiller. Recirculate your wort through the filter before entering your chiller to collect any trub, irish moss clump, or spices used while brewing. Perfect for filtering 5 gallon batches!

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Mis
Cleaner Results

I've only used this once so far, but the screen did it's job in keeping the brew process cleaner. For 20 years, I've followed the John Palmer technique and thrown hops directly into the rolling boil and had great hop utilization results. I found that the screen blocked the "rolling & crashing" of the hops against each other, and instead, they steeped, so I'm not sure about full utilization results. I use a homemade filter system when transferring wort from the boil pot to the fermenter, and with this screen, I literally had no hop sediment in my homemade filter. If I decide to go back to my old method of adding hops directly in the boil pot, this screen will work perfectly in filtering while transferring wort to the fermenter.

Curt Pickens
Great piece of kit

Well built. Easy to clean. Fast shipping.

Rick Steller
Works very well

I enjoy not having to clean the mess out of my brew kettle.

Alex Schroeder
High quality and my keeps my wort much cleaner

I like that this hop filter uses a 400 micron screen rather than 300 like you see on other versions. The 400 may let a bit of hops escape, but it doesn't clog and allows more flow than the 300 micron screen. I use a 300 micron screen for dry hopping, but in the kettle this is definitely the way to go.

Right Product at Right Price

Product delivered was as shown on the website. Price was right. USPS delivery was weeks late, box was sagging and wet. Product was OK though. Not the vendor's fault. Will put to use this Spring.

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