4 Body Secondary Regulator (Taprite)

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Taprite 4 Body Secondary Regulator
Secondary regulators do not connect to your Co2 tank, they have wall mounting brackets.
They are designed to connect inline to your primary regulator by a flexible gas line enabling you to adjust three different pressures at the same time. For example, this allows you to have 4 different levels of carbonation in 4 different beers at the same time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marc Ronney
Nice Upgrade

I was using a 4 tap manifold, this up grade is great for controlling each tap to the best carbonation level. I also use it to quick carb by leaving the main CO2 in at a higher level and setting each tap to the level necessary per beer or application.

Brian O

This is exactly what I needed to manage my three-tap system. I can run three different levels of pressure for different beer styles and always have a fourth line free for carbonating another batch. Pricier than a manifold but far superior.

Bunny Burtner
Great quality

Looks great in the kegerator my boyfriend built. Good item, good price. Customer service was great!

Sorry I waited so long....

I have been using a standard 4 way gas manifold for many years. I have always wanted a 4 body regulator but just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger due to the price. I should have done it a long time ago! It is so nice being able to set each keg at an exact pressure. For example: Ginger Ale, Beer, Hard Cider can now go straight to the kegerator to cold condition since I have the ability to set each one at the desired PSI. I recently kegged 10 gallons of an IPA clone and was able to put it in the kegerator at 33∫ and 25 psi for 2 days and it was ready to go! In the past this would have taken 7 days at room temp. Easy to install. If you are on the fence about the cost you need to get this because you already see the need for your setup!

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