20 Liter Oak Barrel

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Twenty Liter Oak Barrel

Made of American White Oak Medium Char inside, these barrels are held together by 6 black bands. They come with a stand, bung and spigot. These barrels are perfect for mellowing and enhancing the flavors of whiskey, bourbon, rum, tequila, scotch, brandy, cognac, red wines and vinegar.

Dimensions 18" X 16.75" X 12" (from spigot to rear of barrel X top of bung to the countertop X width of barrel at the belly)

Diameter of Face of Barrel Head 9.5"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Monte Bryan
Great barrel, but missing parts

This is a good looking barrel, but was shipped without a bung plug or spigot. I contacted customer support and they indicated they would ship the missing parts, but I have not received them or any further correspondence. I have not been able to swell test the barrel yet due to the missing parts.

David Kolis
Missing and damaged parts

I ordered a 20 liter oak barrel but the base was broken and the bung and spigot was missing. Still waiting for missing parts. The barrel looks great and can’t wait to get to use it.

Donn Olmsted
Works great

I aged beer and liquor in a smaller 5 liter barrel with great success. So stepping up to 20 liters was an unknown for me. When I received the barrel, I filled it completely with water for 24 hours to swell the wood. Afterwards, I aired and sealed with wax, then filled with my special beer recipe. Two weeks into the aging and conditioning, the beer already is amazing. So much more to discuss, but I highly recommend this product.

Thomas Taber
Nice Barrel

Working very well so far. I have a two liter barrel that I bought several years ago that I use for red wine. This purchase was for the 5 gallon model. It works very well and turns an inexpensive wine kit into something very special. Another trick is to age a batch of mead in one of these barrels. The result is a mead that tastes like a bourbon. I love both of my barrels. I recommend.

John Longo
The greatest

I bought a 5 gallon barrel and filled it with water and it leaked for a day and stopped. Then I sprayed it with coating and I really love it. It looks great on my bar. I planned to put homemade wine in it.

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