2 Row Malt - Rahr

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Smooth, less grainy, moderate malt flavor. Basic malt for all beer styles. A fully modified, high extract, low protein malt, The malting process involves careful monitoring of the kiln drying process and specialized temperature rests that result in the development of its unique flavor. Sufficient enzyme level to support the inclusion of even the most demanding specialty malts without extending the brewing cycle.
  • Malt Style: Base malt
  • Flavor: Rich malty
  • Hints of biscuit and nuts
  • Color: Contributes golden color
  • Use as a rich malty Brewers Malt.
  • Usage : Up to 100% Ales (an exception being Koelsch) and rich, full flavored dark beers.
Origin - USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mike Marquis
Fresh Grains

The grains are always fresh. I like the variety of grains available through AIH.

William Bolte
Wonderfully versatile malt

Great quality, great flavor, milled to the perfect point for effective mashing.

Good base malt

I have used this so far on a batch 2/3 2-row malt 1/3 vienna malt with lager yeast and it came out great, that combo tastes similar to a Newcastle brown ale.

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