16 oz. E.Z. Cap Swing Top Beer Bottles - Cobalt Blue (Case of 12)

Item Number: 29-5185C

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16 oz Cobalt Blue E.Z. Cap Bottles - Case of 12

Packed in a case of 12. This style of beer bottle is also commonly referred to as a Grolsch style bottle, and known as de beugel or 'swingtop'.

The top used to be made of porcelain, but is now made of plastic. Bottles with porcelain tops are still in circulation in the Netherlands. They are popular with home brewers.

The new design can also accommodate Crown Caps sold separately.

Grolsch bottles are becoming increasingly prevalent. The bottles seal with a plastic, gasket lid and a wire bale (included). 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Tonya Clifford
flip top lid trouble

The bottles are beautiful but the flip top lids are not that great. Initially putting them together was like feats of strength, they did not want to close, then after opening and closing 2 or 3 times, they didn't want to stay closed. My husband had to work with them and modify them slightly in order for them to remain closed.

C Monroe

These bottles came swiftly, and are clearly high-quality, durable glass. First batch of ginger beer bottled without a hitch. Absolutely worth the purchase, BUT--be careful with the swing tops when you first unpackage them. Several had small burrs, and a few actual splinters of metal wire, and of 24, only two were operational at first. The rest were over-curved and would neither go on the bottles nor swing if forced on. I put on gloves and searched out dangerous bits with a little sandpaper, then wedged a vise-grips inside each one to stretch it to the right width. I would give these 5 stars because I don't imagine EZ Cap could do this step at the factory and still charge such a reasonable price, if EZ Cap included instructions & caution on this important step!

Blue grolsch

These bottles are really wonderful. Just what I was looking for! Will definitely buy them again.

Sean Griffin
The bottle you want

You want some nice-looking blue bottles to hold your carbonated beverage? You might have discovered that they are surprisingly hard to find. Many have cheap coloring that flakes off at the first sight of liquid. Or they have a seal that doesn't actually seal. But congratulations - your search is over. I used these for my homebrewed hefeweizen, and they worked perfectly. They looked great then, and they still look great.


Love, love, love these bottles! They are perfect for my kombucha and I will definitely be getting more.

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