12" Stainless Steel Domed False Bottom

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False Bottom for 10 Gallon Igloo Coolers
Our 12" Stainless Steel Domed False Bottom is used in 10 Gallon Igloo Cooler. The hole in the center measures 7/8".

The 16% open design contributes to better efficiency and a clearer sparge.

Add-on our false bottom assembly which includes all fittings from the false bottom through to the one piece stainless steel ball valve.

Our compression fitting design incorporates a stainless steel tube which essentially "Hard Plumbs" the false bottom into place. The false bottom will NOT float.

The fittings are a mixture of brass and stainless steel. Currently (June 2013), the tube, nut and ball valve are stainless steel and the elbow, hose barb, bulkhead and compression fittings are brass. We've looked at the possibility of making everything stainless steel on this and determined it is simply not cost efficient. HOWEVER, if you are interested in all stainless steel, we recommend going with a pot over the cooler as a mash tun. Here is one example.
If you are mashing in a cooler, this is the premier false bottom for you

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Customer Reviews

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Shawn Fredstrom
Install Elbow

This false bottom fits a 10 gallon home depot cooler well. Any 1/2" MIP thread will fit the hole of the false bottom. All I did to make this thing work is to use a 1/2 OD x 1/2 MIP elbow. I used the plastic flange nut that originally came with my home depot cooler to secure the elbow to the false bottom. (You will retrieve this flange nut after removing the spigot that is originally on the cooler and replacing it with a ball valve - just look up how to do this elsewhere.) Then get a nipple on the inside of the cooler drain, and secure a piece of tubing from the nipple to the elbow attached to the false bottom. Be sure to have this false bottom in the cooler in the orientation of concave down, as that void formed under the bottom is where liquid shall accumulate. - Shawn.

Bob McNulty
Just what I needed

The false bottom works perfectly. Sets up a good grain bed and filters well. Sure better than the old bag system I was using!

Tony G
Works Great

Got this for my 10 gallon Igloo from Lowe's. Fit perfectly. I upgraded from a 5 gallon cooler and glad I did. You can put a nut on the bottom of the screen to secure it to the arm but it is not recommended. If you put a nut on it, instead of letting it sit freely on the arm, it can move when you turn the ball valve on and off just slightly, which can cause some grain to get underneath.

Timothy Poulsen

Better than I expected. I did put it in differently. I used the plastic washer that was molded to fit the original gasket and the gasket from the original spigot on the inside for the valve/bulkhead assembly. The included O-ring I used with the stainless washer with the O-ring groove in it to snub down the false bottom. Leak free first time.

Fit Perfectly

The false bottom was better than I had imagined it would be and it fit perfectly in my mash tun. Thank you.

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