The Double Ratchet Fruit Press is simple and straight forward to use. Read the following directions to give you a basic understanding of the presses operation. If you still have any questions please feel free to give us a call.

Before assembling and operating your Double Ratchet Fruit Press be sure to thoroughly clean the unit to remove any residual materials from manufacturing and shipping.

Lubricate all moving parts and hinges with petroleum jelly or other food grade lubricant.

Place a clean, sanitized container under the spout to catch the juices.

Fill the basket with the fruit to be pressed. The fruit does need to be crushed first.

Arrange the semi-shaped pressing plates on top of the fruit.

Place two of the wooden pressing blocks on top of the pressing plates on either side of the screw. Lay them crossways, or perpendicular to the seam of the pressing plate. Stack the next two pressing blocks on top of the first set. Lay them perpendicular to the first set. If the basket is not completely full, more blocks can be used as needed. Just alternate directions with each layer as you go.

Spin the ratchet head clockwise, down the screw until the lower plate of the ratchet head engages the top of the blocks.

Now it is time to insert the two ratchet keys into the two slots on top of the ratchet head. The keys are what allow the ratchet head to spin down the screw as you crank the pole back-and-forth. Each key must be put in each slot correctly for the ratcheting action to work. Insert the key into the slot closest to you with the point of it going down and to the left. The one furthest from you should be pointing down and to the right. In other words, if one is pointing south the other should be pointing north. You many elect to only use one key. This will cause the press to ratchet only when the pole is push in one direction.

Insert the pole and begin cranking. Please note that the ratcheting action will not work until the ratchet head is met with sufficient resistance. Crank until sufficient juice is flowing and then stop! Wait for the flow to slow down, then start cranking again to increase the flow. Use this crank and wait approach until no more juice is attainable.

To back-off the ratchet head, reverse the directions of the keys and crank the handle until the pressure is released.

Remove the spent pulp by breaking the basket away from the press. To do this pull out the pins on the side of the basket and it will then be free to come apart.

Remove the ratchet head from the screw.

Remove the pins from the basket and separate them in half. Clean the cages in hot soapy water. Using a long bristle brush, be sure the spaces between the slats of the basket are clean.

Wash the base, screw, pressing-plate and blocks in hot soapy water.

Wash the ratchet head only if necessary.

Dry all surfaces thoroughly.

Re-assemble the press and store in a cool, dry place.
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