Establishing A Flow To The Reservoir Tank:
The source of wine needs to either have a siphon established to the reservoir intake at the back of the 3 Spout Bottle Filler, or the source of wine needs to be higher than the bottle filler. Once you have flow wine established with the reservoir full, you will need to prime the filler tube.

Priming The Filler Tubes:
Take an empty wine bottle and fill it all the way to the top with water. This will be used as the primer.
Press down on one of the filler tubes and while depressed slowly slide the bottle filled with water up on to the filler tube as far as possible. This will expel all the air out of the tubes.
Leave the bottle in place and release the filler tube. Water is now stored in the tube.
Remove the bottle. The tube is now primed. You are now ready to bottle.
To prime the remaining 2 tubes repeat steps 1-4 again.

Save Time:
Super Fast Prime - Place a short piece of tubing over the tip of the filler tube. Depress the tube and draw the liquid into the filler tube with suction.

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