Wunder Grain - 10 lb

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Mystery grain - 10 lb bag
This mixed bag of grain malt is a result of over-mills or errors. We do our best to prevent every error, but sometimes it happens, so we offer you a discounted malt to experiment with. The types of grain in the bag and the exact ratio or combination of base to specialty grains are unknown, nevertheless this has become one of our most popular grains. Many people brew with a bag of Wunder Grain and say that it's the best beer they've ever made! A beer made with a bag of this malt will truly be unique, due to the fact that it can't be replicated because every bag contains different grains!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fred G
Fun stuff to brew with

Always a surprise but a lot of fun.

Rob Church
Worked great for me

I made a Pale Ale with this stuff. After seeing a few dark grains in there I was too scared to make an IPA (what if it tastes like vomit) so I used 9lbs of pale to 3.3lbs Wondergrain (of 10). I only had El Dorado hops, 1oz 60, 1oz 30. It made a really well rounded malty, tasty beer with a pleasant fruit background. Looks like I'll be making three batches.

Steve Morton
Interesting brew!

I can't review the exact flavor, cause your's will be different, but it is interesting, and always draws compliments. I run the grains in my HERMS to see what style beer the wort appears to be. I then tailor my hop additions to try to match this. It is fun to work with, and always gets good reviews from friends and family.

Ryan Tinsley
Best Stout EVER

I picked up two packs of wunder grain. This bag clearly had some darker grains in it. I added 5 poinds of Red Wheat malt, Tettnager and Loral hops and then pitched Lutra.... This turned out to be one of the best stouts I have ever had... Perfect creamy tan head, just the right level of bitterness and a hint of smoked grains. I will be sad to kick this keg.

Kyle Davison

Tried it once, loved it. Definitely would use again.

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