Wine And Beer Bottle Brush (Third Coast Design Works)

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Wine And Beer Bottle Brush

Third Coast Design Works has revolutionized the cleaning process for the home brew and wine maker. With Spiral Force Technology, the Clean Bottle Express™ wine/beer bottle brush will clean your bottle in seconds. The product attaches to any standard cordless drill which provides any home brewer and wine maker the opportunity to start bottling your craft beer or wine in a fraction of the time it takes with a standard hand brush.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

This brush does not fit into standard 12 oz bottles. The shipping was as expensive as the brush. Packaging was excessive. There is no need to use that much plastic to ship a plastic brush. Not sure if i will send back or just donate to Savers. Might spend more on reverse shipping that on the brush AGAIN.

Ada Hatcher
Great product

Arrived promptly and works great! Used it as a screw gun attachment and cleaned a whole bunch of bottles In a very short period of time. We did have to cut a flap off because we were cleaning Grolsch bottles and the necks are pretty small but it was still super effective.

John Slattery
Works okay

After seeing this product in use on the Adventures in Homebrewing youtube channel I thought I'd give it a try. The guy in the video recommended it and it looked efficient. I'm used to cleaning my 5gal Corney kegs with a long bottle brush. Effective, but a little time consuming. The brush is not too abrasive so if you have any sticky residue it may not come off even after soaking a bit. I needed to reach in and scrub with a long handled brush. I would say this brush is great to wipe the inside of the keg quickly, but if there is anything to scrub off there's a good chance that you won't get it. Could use a re-design with perhaps a hooked/angle end with an abrasive material like a Scotch-Brite kitchen sponge.

Works Like A Charm

Reaches all the way to the bottom of the bottle for a film and debris free bottle.

Dan Pokorny
Works great

This product is awesome. I clean my wine bottles, growler, and juice containers. Perfect item to have under the kitchen sink.

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