The Homebrewer's Companion (Charlie Papazian)

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The Homebrewer's Companion
with recipes, techniques and equipment information for the advanced brewer
by Charlie Papazian

More great advice from Charlie Papazian, homebrew master and author of the bestselling The Complete Joy of Homebrewing.

"Many ask me, 'What's different about The Homebrewer's Companion?' It's a book that I might have titled The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, Volume 2.
The information is 98 percent new information, including improved
procedures for beginning and malt-extract brewers as well as advanced
and veteran brewers. There are loads of new recipes and useful charts
and data that I continually refer to in my own homebrew recipe
formulation (I still homebrew about 20 batches a year). My theme
throughout is 'Keep it practical. Keep it useful.' I wanted to answer 10
years' worth of questions in this one volume. I did ... and I had fun
doing it."

-- Charlie Papazian

Get the Most from Your Malt!

  • Easy-to-follow techniques and trouble-shooting tips
  • Answers to the most-often asked questions
  • A guide to world beer styles
  • Useful facts on fermenting, yeast culturing and stove-top boiling
  • Charts, tables, support information and much, much more
  • Over 60 exotic recipes to try -- from "You'll See" Coriander Amber Ale to Waialeale Chablis Mead

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