Super Alpha (Dr. Rudi) (NZ) Hop Pellets - 1 oz

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Dr. Rudi Hop Pellets
Super Alpha (Dr. Rudi) NZ Pellet 1oz hops

Hop Type: Dual-Purpose
Origin: New Zealand
Alpha Acid: 13.6%
Similar Varieties:
Common Styles:

Super Alpha, despite its name, is a versatile, dual-purpose hop. Slight notes of fresh grass underlie a complex aroma of pine and lemongrass, making Super Alpha a desirable choice for late hop additions or dry hopping. When used for bittering, Super Alpha can deliver a very crisp, bitter edge to the back palate, and adds a slight resinous character. This interesting hop can be used in ales or lagers, and in both classic and new-world styles.

(Super Alpha hops have limited availability)

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