Still Spirits EZ Inline Filter

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Product Description:
Still Spirits EZ Inline Carbon Filter
This Still Spirits EZ filter Carbon filter system is a specially formulated filter cartridge with no powdered granules making it easier to use. This in line filter requires you to filter with gravity from one container to another. No containers are included. This filter is idea for filtering inexpensive commercial vodka to prepare it for use with the Still Spirits flavorings. It will be great for you to use to flavor your own spirits with the Still Spirit line of flavorings. First run about 2 gallons of water to remove any carbon dust and either discard if you are filtering alcohol or recirculate if you are filtering water. Now fill the top bucket with your spirit diluted to 40% alcohol Each cartridge will filter approximately 10 liters of 40% alcohol or 300 liters of water. One carbon filter cartridge is included in this inline filter.

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