St. Paddy's Irish Stout Recipe Kit

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St. Paddy's Irish Stout Recipe Kit

An Irish Stout for St Patrick's Day. St. Paddy's Irish Stout is a dry stout with plenty of roast, a hint of chocolate, and a dash of coffee kiln malt. Hops lean towards bitterness with a dry roast finish. A little Irish Knowledge for ya: Each year, millions of Irish and Irish-ish gather in their favorite pubs to celebrate and pay homage to the great Saint Patrick. The best gather around their favorite brew pots, well in advance to brew their favorite Irish Beers. Saint Patrick's day brings out the best in all of us, as green becomes the color of choice and kissing total strangers, simply for being Irish becomes socially acceptable. However, there are few things that are not socially acceptable when it comes to Saint Patrick's Day. The foremost is the shortening of the name Patrick to Patty. Paddy vs Patty - always Paddy There are many shortened versions of the name Patrick in Ireland. There's Pat, Paki, Paddy, Paudie, Padraig and Padraic (Gaelic versions) but never, ever Patty! What is socially acceptable? When it comes to Patty, now you know. You go kissing total are on your own!

Yield : 5 Gallons
Original Gravity : 1.044
Final Gravity : 1.012
Color / SRM : Black
Alcohol by Volume : 4.20%
IBU (anticipated, alpha acids can fluctuate) : 24

Specialty Grains : Carafe II, Chocolate, Coffee Kiln
Hops : Bullion

Recipe Includes : Liquid Malt, Specialty Grains in a grain bag & Hops
View The St. Paddy's Irish Stout Recipe Kit Instructions here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tim McCloud
First time homebrewing.

Great beer, Fermentation completed in 4 days. ABV came out at 4.85%. Bottle conditioned 1 week and had to sample! A few more weeks and it will put Guiness to the test.

Richard Dyer
Disappointed in this mailed from Texas kit. Thought I was buying local

Had to order yeast from Northern Brewing because the yeast sent with the kit arrived DOA. I sure wish you were still quickly available in Ann Arbor.

Jason H Eggers
Good Irish Stout - Added Cacao Nibs

I bought this kit and used all of the ingredients that were included. I also added 4 oz of cacao nibs during the boil to give a little more chocolate flavor and depth and it resulted in the flavor profile that I was looking for. I also bumped up the ABV to 6% by not adding as much water into the primary. I only got 42 beers, but got exactly what I was looking for! Would recommend!

Tod L. Bartels
Always Great

If you love Dark stouts this is great, can't even see sun light through a bottle of it!

Great Deal, Very Good Brew

Solid brew for tapping or uncapping on St. Patrick's Day. Dark and roasty but not over-the-top. Very enjoyable irish stout.

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