Sliced Bourbon Barrel Staves 2 ct.

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Sliced Bourbon Barrel Staves 2 ct.

These sliced staves do vary in size. They are anywhere from 1/2''- 1" wide, 1/8"-1/4" thick and 8-13" in length. Please keep this in mind when purchasing. Many commercial chips have allowed moisture (bourbon) to dry up. This is not the case with these sliced staves. These staves have been processed from authentic Kentucky bourbon barrels.

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Customer Reviews

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Outlaw Preacher
Oh yeah!

Great product!!! I used them for a little different reason than most… to help impart flavor/scent to some pipe tobacco I am blending! Since the pieces aren’t all dried out it works wonderfully! Thanks!

Marie Benzschawel
Consistent Results!

These staves add flavor and depth to whatever you're trying to infuse. I don't reuse the staves. Also more affordable and practical than whole barrels.

Ryan Calhoon
Great oak flavor in my brown ale

I have brewed this brown ale several times and decided to try it on oak. I've used chips before, but hated working with them. I had to snap/bend them to get them to fit into a mason jar for a sanitizing bourbon soak for a day or two. I added them to an empty CO2 purged 5 gallon carboy, then racked the brown ale from primary. I left it for about 4 weeks and it was perfect for what I wanted. It was noticeable and really added a great note. If I had gone 3 months and/or used 4 staves instead of 2, it may have given a big flavor punch.


I'm using these to flavor kombucha and the results are fantastic. I was a little wary of bacteria entering my secondary fermentation through these guys, so I wiped them down with a little bourbon. No problems, amazing flavor. Will definitely be buying again.

christopher mell
mmmmm bourbon

You will need to cut them up if you are adding to a glass carboy. I also charred them on the grill before soaked them in bourbon.

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