Shirron Plate Chiller

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Shirron Plate Chiller

*Made of 316 Stainless Steel and Pure Copper
*Comes with 10pcs Plate
*Weld by pure brazing copper
*Water in/out 3/4" Male Garden Hose
*Wort in/out 1/2" Male NPT

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Customer Reviews

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Nathaniel Farris
A Must Have, Especially in Warm Climates

Great product, and much cheaper than the Blichmann version. I use both a wort chiller and this once the chiller drops the wort down to about 120-130 (normally about 5 minutes for a 5.5 gallon batch on my system). I prechill the water going through it using an old wort chiller I made running the cooling water from the hose through the old wort chiller immersed in an ice water bath. During the winter I often end up accidentally overchilling - even without the ice bath, dropping it down in the high 50s. In summer, when it is about 95 degrees outside, I can get the wort going into the fermentation bucket down to about 65-70 degrees. I threw some stainless quick disconnects on it and some silicon hosing to make set up a breeze. For the cooling water I use some cheap quick disconnects from my local hardware store. Immediately after I use it, I back flush it from the facet (actually run water both ways), run some one-step through it (since one-step is a no-rinse), let it sit, then drain it, and throw it in the oven at 350 degrees for 1 hour to bake any critters in it dead. Cover the wort in/out with tinfoil, and before I use it again, I just bake again at 350 degrees on brew while I am mashing. Zero chance of anything nasty living in it that way. Seems to stay clog free, but I screen my protein break and hop debris with a course stainless plate strainer before my wort runs through it. Wort is gravity fed through it just fine. This thing will last a lifetime.

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