Portuguese Double Lever Corker

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Portuguese Double Lever Corker

  • Easy To Use
  • Durable
  • Double Levered for Good Leverage

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Scott Swift
So So

Corker works pretty good. Easy to put cork in bottle Ö.BUTÖ.. leaves an indentation in the top of the cork. I tried to put a dime between the cork and plunger (perfect size). It worked but took off plastic from inside of corker. And on the second bottle, bend the dime up to where it was junk. I wish they (company who makes this) would let you know what size corks to use or offer the device with different size ìsleevesî so you could change out to the size cork you're using. And do something to plunger. So it doesnít mess cork up. Guess I could have paid $60 dollars and got a floor bottler if I wanted everything perfect.

Pamela J. Heidinger
Portuguese corker

I was amazed at how the hand corker worked. Took a couple of practices at it. I found it to be a little harder for me being a small women and having the strength to do it. I could and it worked but I got lazy and went to the floor style that works like a champ.

Worked well

For the price worked very well!! Pleasantly surprised! We found that two people - one to hold bottle, one to to work the corker - worked best. The quicker the levers are pressed, the better. Be committed when corking your wine and have the bottle lower than counter height.

Heather McGrath
Works great!

Works great! I tested a few random bottles before my real bottling session, and my suggestion for anyone who gets this is to really make sure you have the device firmly placed on the bottle and give it a smooth, firm plunge. With some of my tests, the cork stuck out of the bottle slightly. Having the corker firmly against the bottle as your plunge it will help avoid that, and so far has worked perfectly.

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