Kombucha Brewing Starter Kit with SCOBY - 1 Gallon

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Powerful Probiotic. Positively Pure.

Now includes a Stainless Steel Spigot!

Our cutting-edge Kombucha making kit includes everything you need to make nourishing, delicious kombucha, right at home. This kit follows the original kombucha recipe, unchanged since the drink’s ancient beginnings, and includes all the equipment you need to successfully make your own Kombucha.

Includes Live SCOBY!

Unlike other kombucha starter kits, our kombucha kit includes the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), which ferments a sweet tea mixture to produce the drink’s classically refreshing, yet tart flavor. When properly cared for, the SCOBY will last (and grow) for many batches to come.

Why Brew Your Own Kombucha?

  • Easy - Ready to ferment in under an hour.
  • Saves $$$ - Drop $5 for one bottle at the store? No, thank you.
  • Creativity - Create your own flavors by adding fruit, spices, etc.The possibilities are endless.

Now includes Stainless Steel Spigot!

Kit Includes:

  • Little Big Mouth Bubbler® Fermenter w/ stainless steel spigot
  • Live SCOBY Culture
  • Adhesive Thermometer
  • Loose-leaf Black Tea
  • Raw Cane Sugar (Evaporated Cane Juice)
  • Stainless Tea Ball
  • Butter Muslin and Rubber Band
  • pH Testing Strips and Pipette
  • Complete Instructions

Designed for 1 gallon kombucha batches.

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Nice kombucha kit.

Easy use!

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