London ESB Dry Yeast (Danstar)

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ESB and other British-style ales
London ESB Ale Danstar

London ESB

Species : Ale
Fermentation Temp Range (°F) : 65-72
Apparent Attenuation Range (%) : Medium
Flocculation : Low
Alcohol Tolerance : Up to 9% ABV

Pitching/Fermentation : London ESB yeast is best used at a fermentation temperature range of 18-22 deg C (65-72 deg F). Fermentation is generally completed in 3-5 days dependent on recipe and process conditions. * Attenuation range 65-75% * Fermentation rate, fermentation time and degree of attenuation are dependent upon inoculation density, yeast handling, fermentation temperature and nutritional quality of the wort. * Produces a clean, well balanced ale. Medium attenuation preserves some beer complexity. Best for well-balanced British style ales.

Notes : London ESB is a true English ale strain selected for reliable fermentation performance and moderate ester production that lets the flavors and aromas of malt and hops shine through. London ESB was selected from the Lallemand yeast culture library, and is an excellent choice not only for brewing Extra Special Bitter but for other authentic heritage UK styles like Pale Ale, Bitter and Mild. London ESB may also be used in the production of Ciders.

Best Styles : American Pale Ale, Baltic Porter, Brown Porter, Cream Ale, English Brown, English IPA, Irish Red Ale, Mild, Oatmeal Stout, Old Ale, Ordinary Bitter, Robust Porter, Scottish Ale, Special Bitter, Sweet Stout

Looking for a Liquid or Dry Yeast Substitution? The brewers at Adventures in Homebrewing have tried most of them. The following are some suggestions that have worked for us.
Liquid Yeast Substitution : Wyeast 1968, White Labs 013
Dry Yeast Substitution : BRY-97 American West Coast Ale Yeast (Danstar), Nottingham, London ESB

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lori Parsons
Yummy ESB Beer

Finally got 2 of these yeast to keep my husband happy with his favorite ESB brew. Love how this yeast works and the flavor it produces for my ESBs!

Eric Saunders

London ESB Dry Yeast (Danstar)

Peter Weishampel
Good Yeast for Session Strength English Ales

I like to brew English beers and I like dry yeast, so I ignored the 2-star reviews. I made an ordinary bitter and an English porter, OG 1.036 and 1.044 respectively. Each beer attenuated 78%. The yeast is a little neutral, a little more ester would be needed to take it to 5 star. It really allows the malts to shine.

Poor Attenuation

I'm typically not one to blame ingredients, but rather fault the brewer for subpar beer. This time, however, I'm not so sure. Brewed a 10 gallon batch, fermented half with this yeast and the other with S-23 Saflager as a Festbier. OG was 1.049. This one finished at 1.017 while the lager did 1.012. Temperature set at 68F for the ESB, 58F for the lager. The ESB fermentation was vigorous for 3 days but then stopped. Resulting beer was notably turbid, sweet and lacked bite, while the lager finished clear and produced beer according to style. Trying to salvage the ESB with addition of corn sugar. I tried a follow up batch harvesting and repitching, but same result: OG 1.052 and finished at 1:018. Unless you are a fan of sweet, cloudy beer or plan to over bitter, I'd stay away from this yeast.

Kyle Bell
If you want low attenuation

Starts fast and is usually done fermenting my 3-gallon batches in 2-3 days, though here's the problem: it stalls at 55-60% attenuation. I've had this problem twice and have read the same from others. If you read the specs, this yeast does not ferment maltotriose, which is 10-15% of the wort. If you're looking for a sweeter beer with low attenuation, e.g. in a historical English ale recipe, use this one. Personally, I'm not a fan. I'd like my average beers to finish under 1.020.

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