Intertap Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Faucet

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Intertap Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Faucet

The Intertap Faucet features a modular design, stainless steel construction and a forward sealing liquid delivery system. The forward sealing mechanism of the faucet keeps beer inside, rather than draining completely out like a traditional rear-sealing faucet. This ensures the interior of your faucet stays cleaner and avoids sticky residue which can clog your faucet handles operation. The Intertap Faucet uses a sliding shuttle to properly place the o-ring into perfect position everytime.

But that's not it! The Intertap Faucet also features a modular spout. Simply unscrew the threaded spout and get a variety of uses out of one tap. Easily attach a stout spout or growler filler to get the best pour for what you need everytime!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Anthony Adams
No More Carpet Cleaning

After spending hours cleaning carpet tiles from drips that turned into deluges, I had had enough. This faucet solves dripping and overflow problems. And, as others have noted, solves the sticking problem as well. My next order from AHB will include another one of these for my other tap. Do not skimp on the spring accessory.

Awesome Faucet

This faucet is great. All stainless steel construction is a huge plus. No worries about plasticizers from plastic parts or the corrosion of chrome plated parts. Will likely last a long time.

daniel e chappell
Great faucet

Works great. be sure to get the spring. no more accidental discharges.

Jacob Likeric
Excellent Faucet

I love these. I bought 4 of them since I have had trouble with rear sealing faucets sticking. I've had no problems or sticking at all.

Awesome SS tap

I finally decided to do the upgrade and couldnít be happier.

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