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The long awaited replacement for our boil screen is in-hand and ready to ship! This exciting new patent pending device is virtually plug free and captures up to 95% of the brew kettle particulates! As usual, we took a completely fresh approach to the pellet hop problem and through a year of very tasty research we developed the HopBlocker. It capitalizes on preferential flow to direct the clear wort to the kettle drain and keep the particulates at the bottom where they belong. The HopBlocker can easily bring a pound of pellet hops to its knees. Works best in BoilerMaker pots, but can be adapted for use in other manufacturers pots and kegs too.

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William VanDeventer
plugs drain tube

I tried the Hop Blocker on three consecutive batches. The drain tube became plugged immediately each time. The Hop Blocker is a good size canister that covers the tube. That left me with few options to clear the plug. Also, I used it in a 7.5 gallon kettle. The unit is big enough, that it was not possible to obtain a whirlpool. The Hop Blocker inhibited the flow. More recently, I successfully tested running with just the whirlpool. I enhanced this method by gently placing my paddle on the inside of the drain tube. This worked fabulously. I drained without a tube through a strainer into the fermenter. The strainer aerated the wort and collected no noticeable hop residue. In short, the whirlpool really works.

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