Growler Collar

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Growler Collar

Put an End to 'Funky' Growlers with the Growler Collar

A brand new way to drain, dry, stabilize and store your growler after washing . . . in 12-24 hours (+/- depending on humidity) - dry growlers overnight!

A five inch diameter disc that threads onto the top of amber and clear glass 64 oz and 32 oz growlers. The Growler Collar allows cider and beer drinkers to turn their growlers 'Bottoms Up!' after cleaning them so air can eddy within the containers as water drips out.

The Growler Collar is the must-have growler accessory or gear for cleaning and drying growlers and the perfect gift for cider and craft beer lovers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ryder FitzGerald
Works Great!

When I first saw this, I thought it was awfully pricey. Having tried drying these gallon growlers without this, I ordered one. Wow! Really makes it much easier! Definitely recommended!

Tony Wang
Has One Other Use

I've been using a pressure washer to rinse my growlers, and needed something that would stabilize them when rinsing. Screwing the growler on, and then anchoring the assembly, allows me to move the nozzle to spray the entire inside of the growler, without having to worry about the growler being moved around by the pressure. When done rinsing, slide the assembly out of the anchor and it does a great job drying them, as originally designed.

Sheer Genius

No more balancing growlers in a carboy drying stand. I ordered one to try out, quickly reordered to have enough to dry all my growler's at once. All the water drains out, so no more haze or residue! No more fear of bumping an unstable growler. They even work well with the gallon-sized growlers my friends are suddenly swapping for ones full of beer...

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