FermStart Yeast Rehydration Nutrient 20 Gram

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Micronutrient blend that helps yeast during the critical phase.
Cellar Science FermStart Yeast Rehydration Nutrient 20 Gram

FermStart is a concentrated micronutrient blend that helps yeast during the critical phase in which they transition from dried and dormant back into healthy and active. FermStart is added to your rehydration water so that your yeast absorbs the nutrients as they absorb the water. When the Brix level is above 14 in must, or the gravities exceed 15° Plato or 1.060 starting gravity in wort, it is recommended to rehydrate your yeast. To ensure a perfect ferment that reaches its full flavor potential, rehydrate your yeast with FermStart.

How Much?
FermStart is a super concentrated formula, which is very convenient when you are rehydrating large amounts of yeast. Use 1 gram of Fermstart for every 4 grams of yeast.

Wine Yeast Examples:
8g yeast – Add 2g FermStart to 30-50ml of water
80g yeast – Add 20g FermStart to 300-400ml of water
500g yeast – Add 125g FermStart to 1500-2000ml of water

Beer Yeast Examples:
12g yeast - Add 3g FermStart to roughly 50ml of water
500g yeast - Add 125g FermStart to roughly 1500 ml of water

How it Works:
FermStart is rich in readily assimilable amino acids, sterols, vitamins, and natural glutathione. Readily assimilable means that the size of the molecules present in FermStart are extremely small and easily absorbed by the yeast cell. The availability of readily assimilable amino acids allows the yeast cell to skip the step in which amino acids would be synthesized within the cell. This saved energy is instead directed into multiplication, which leads to faster fermentation starts and allows the selected yeast to out-compete wild yeast that may impart off-flavors. Sterols help the cell membrane regain and maintain elasticity helping to ensure a perfect start and continued performance throughout the fermentation. Glutathione is extremely important for maintaining intracellular health by preventing damage to cellular components during the very oxidative process of rehydration.

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Customer Reviews

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Worth the Price

The headline says it all. I did a couple of side-by-side experiments, and the batches with FermStart kicked off between 33 and 50 percent faster and were noticeably more vigorous from the get-go no matter what type of yeast I used. Highly recommended.

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