Fast Label Sleeves (50 ct) 750 ml

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16/22/25 oz or 650/750 ml
16/22/25 oz or 650/750 ml Fast Label Sleeves (50 ct)

Fast Label beer bottle label sleeves are designed for many different sized bottles. You must measure the diameter of your bottles to know which size you will need.

Fits most 16, 22, 25oz bottles as well as 750ml bottles: 2-7/16" to 3-1/16" (50 count)

Each package of Fast Label beer bottle label sleeves contains ultra clear 1-mil thick plastic sleeves and directions.

We have improved our label sleeves so that they are much quicker and easier to apply. The sleeves now have a sealed bottom, so just slide your bottle into the sleeves along with your paper label and dip them in 200° to 250° water for 1/2 a second and you are done. A blow dryer will work as well. If you like, you can trim your label.

Most importantly, once you have drank the beer, removing the label is easy: simply take a knife and cut off the sleeve.

No soaking bottles and scraping labels!

Design your own home brew beer label on your own and affix with ease.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James P
super easy

these make placing and then removing labels effortless!

Elliot Busta
Works Great, Water Must Be HOT

These work great after a couple of tries. At first, I used water ~160F - I ended up with lots of wrinkles and weird looking sleeves. I bumped my temperature above 200F, and they worked great, just like in their video. I recommend using a tall pot too so that when/if you trim the label, you've got plenty of room to trim above and below.

Sindy Strouse
Quick and Easy to Use

Really liked using this product. Makes it simple to reuse the bottles when empty. Directions say you can use a hair dryer instead of water. It does not work well, the label wrinkles. Commit to the hot water method. Works quickly and easily.

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