Corny Keg Dip Tube Screen

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Corny Keg Dip Tube Screen

Stainless steel screen that slips onto your racking cane or keg dip tube and filters out dry hops.

The PureScreen is a welded stainless steel screen that slips onto
your racking cane or keg dip tube and filters out fruit or dry hops
from the fermenter, or whole hops and trub from the kettle.
Also allows dry hopping to be done directly in the keg.

Stainless steel construction makes it easy to sanitize. (Do not use bleach!)

Not recommended for use with plastic racking tubes or plastic
fermenters - it can cause scratching and lead to possible infections.
Pellet hops have a tendency to clog the pure screen - it works
far better with whole hops.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Corney keg dip tube screen success

My experience previously with dry hopped ales was very frustrating due to the hop material blocking the quick connector on the keg. Now with these screens in place they have solved this issue. Appear to allow easy cleaning when it's time to rinse out empty keg. Cost effective and easy to install. Highly recommended.

Must-Have for Kegged Kombucha

Stumbling along in the shadows of my beer-brewing brethren, kombucha brewing can be a lonely and strange experiment at times. I'm so glad I found these on AIH. They are absolutely essential accessories for anyone wishing to accomplish their second fermentation in-keg without experiencing dip tube clogs from scoby ooglies or sediment. Super simple to install, use and clean.

Joshua Ledbetter
Works awesome

I like them I have one for all my kegs now.

Derek Y
Works as I had hoped it would!

Dry hopped directly in the keg with pellet hops and had no issues with clogged dip tube and there really wasn't noticeable hop material making it to the beer. It lived up to my expectations. It was very simple to slide onto the dip tube and has a small footprint. Great little device if you want to dry hop in your keg loose.

Drilled plate not mesh!

Based on the picture I assumed that the product would be a mesh screen, what was delivered was a rolled drilled screen. AIH Note: We have updated the product image to reflect the new drilled screen. Thank you!

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