Cheese Color 2oz (Annatto)

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Cheese Color 2 oz

A natural colorant derived from the Annatto tree. Used to create a more yellow colour in cheddar but can also be used in some boutique blue cheeses to create a beautiful colour contrast. Can also be used to create color in ice cream.

Directions: Dosage depends on desired colour intensity. Adding 20-30 drops per gallon of milk will create a warm cream color. More intense color could require 5 to 10X this much. Please keep in mind that this is a natural product and colour may vary from batch to batch.

Ingredients: Water, Annatto, Potassium Hydroxide, Castor Oil

Be sure to add before calcium chloride and rennet, and keep away from salts. The color can be diluted with soft or distilled water and will last indefinitely.

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