BrewVision Extended Stem Thermometer by Blichmann Engineering

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BrewVision Extended Stem Thermometer by Blichmann Engineering

The perfect tool for brewers using a cooler for mashing! This new BrewVision packs in all the amazing features of the original BrewVision with a new longer thermometer probe stem. This new stem is 3 inches in length, making it ideal for penetrating mashing grains and providing accurate data from your brew!

-Interactive Updates & Alerts
-Integrated with BeerSmith
-3" Probe Stem
-120 Hour Battery Life (Sufficient for about 20 all grain batches)
-Recordable Results
-Pair Up to 7 Sensors with Customizable Names
-Dashboard Sensor Overview
-30' Indoor, 100' Unobstructed Range
-Fahrenheit/Celsius Setting
-Made in the USA

**Please Note: The wireless thermometer and monitoring system easily connects to an application downloaded through the Apple App store or Google Play.

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