Brewing Classic Styles (Zainasheff/Palmer)

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Brewing Classic Styles
80 Winning Recipes Anyone Can Brew
by Jamil Zainasheff and John J. Palmer

Award-winning brewer Jamil Zainasheff teams up with homebrewing expert
John J. Palmer to share award-winning recipes for each of the 80-plus
competition styles. Using extract-based recipes for most categories, the
duo gives sure-footed guidance to brewers interested in reproducing
classic beer styles for their own enjoyment or to enter into

In the history of the American Homebrewers Association's National
Homebrew Competition, few brewers have succeeded like Jamil Zainasheff.
From his first gold medal in 2002 through his second Ninkasi award (for
best all around brewer) in 2007, he has accumulated a trophy case full
of NHC medals-all with recipes contained inside this book.

Brewing Classic Styles, Zainasheff shares his award-winning
extract-based recipes to help other brewers enjoy the top-quality beers
that the homebrewing hobby offers today. The 27 chapters cover the
standard homebrew competition categories published by the Beer Judge
Certification Program, giving one recipe for each of more than 80
different style sub-categories.

To kick the book off,
homebrewing expert John J. Palmer, author of How to Brew gives insight
into beer ingredients and their selection along with tips on brewing and
recipe adjustments. The combined expertise from these legendary
homebrewers delivers a proven collection of recipes suitable for all who
make beer at home.

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