Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil All Grain Brewing System

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Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil All Grain Brewing System

The Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil is a single vessel, electric brewing system that lets you mash up 16 lbs. of malt and boil up to 7.5 gallons with hardly any footprint. An internal sparging basket allows you to easily lift the grain out of your boiler, letting you mash and boil in just one vessel. The adjustable digital thermostat can display reading in either Fahrenheit or Celsius and features an adjustable run timer, preset at 3.5 hours for safety. Not only does the Mash & Boil make brewing simple, it helps save you time as well. The delayed start timer lets you set your Mash & Boil to turn on and begin heating your sparge water up to 24 hours after setting the timer. No more watching water boil, simply come home to water ready to brew with!

The Mash & Boil is powered by 110 volts (1600 watts), easily plugging into any GFO home outlet and avoiding the need for any bulky brew stands, outdoor burners, or 220 volts plugs.

Mash & Boil Features:
-Double Wall Stainless Steel Construction
-Digital Thermostat
-Internal Sparging Basket
-External 1/2" Stainless Steel Valve
-Mash up to 16 lbs. of malt
-7.5 gallon maximum capacity
-110 V / 1600 W
-5' power cable
-Dimensions: 14" W x 28" H (40" H with Sparging Basket)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

I have brewed 3 times so far with the mash and boil. I have always mashed in a cooler and used a propane burner outside for over 10 years. I absolutely love this. One vessel to clean, and can have strike water ready for when I want to brew because of the delayed start timer. Iíve read reviews about it taking awhile to get to a boil, but once I am done sparging itís close to a boil so no issues. Saves me time brewing and I can brew inside!!

Shaun Orr
Great deal on a great device

This thing works really well. It is built well and makes the small batch, all grain, experience way more relaxing.

Michael A Guffey
Wish I bought this sooner

Cuts down on the most tedious parts of brewing (watching temps, switching vessels, and cleaning!). I had my eye on this for years, glad I pulled the trigger. Everything works as expected.

Very impressed

When this product arrived I noticed a minor manufacturer's defect and reached out to AIH support. Within hours Aaron notified me that he was having a replacement shipped and emailed me a return label for the defective unit. Iím very happy with the no-fuss approach to customer service I get with AIH. As for the unit itself: I love it. I downsized from a custom three vessel ten-gallon electric system and I never want to go back. I was tired of all the prep, cleaning, and maintenance. Brewing became a chore. This little unit changed that. I've used it several times now and I've found it to be solid and consistent. I produce 5 gallon batches and have not done anything over 6%. The unit states that it has a grain bill limit of about 16 pounds but I have read that people go higher with a double mash. With the time start and no-chill I can complete a brew day in UNDER THREE HOURS. This thing keeps it simple in the best possible way. No hassles, no extras which don't actually bring anything to the table, and very little to clean. I also donít have to brew in my basement anymore; I can put it on the kitchen floor and brew while doing other things, like making dinner. I did not get the model with the integrated pump so I can't speak to its usefulness. I will say that I own several pumps and planned to attach one with tubing to make my own recirculation setup. But after doing a few brews and stirring and vorlaufing at 15-20 minute intervals during the mash, I'm not going to bother. Temps are holding in an acceptable range and I get 80% efficiency. I'm already getting the results I want. No reason to complicate things. Once chilled I transfer to a fermenter and scrub the kettle out. That's fifteen minutes of post-boil work. I think back on my clean-in-place procedures for my old system and I wonder why I ever bothered. With this unit I have also fermented directly in the kettle for added convenience. The spigot is positioned high enough that the hops, kettle break and yeast cake all stay put when I transfer to a keg. I use whirlfloc in the boil and cold crash after fermentation which I suspect is helping me get a very compact cake of sediment. Your mileage may vary based on your process but I'm getting good results. This thing is great. I've been brewing off and on for about ten years and I wish things like this had been around when I first started. Whether you're new to the hobby or have a ton of experience, this is a wonderful piece of equipment.

Sean Rutan
Perfect budget friendly all grain system!

Brewed my first all grain beer with the Mash & Boil the other night (AIH's SMASH Downriver Dirty Blonde), and I couldn't be happier! This is a great budget friendly, all in one system with a small footprint, perfect for the homebrewer with limited space in which to brew.

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