Brewer's Best Brew Pot - 8 Gallon (No Weld)

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8 Gallon Brewer's Best Volume Marked Brew Pot

An 8 gallon brew pot that is perfect for any brewing set up! This brew kettle is great for extract or all grain brewing and features interior volume markings from 1 to 7 gallons. Includes a lid with handle, and two sturdy handles for transporting your brew pot.

- 8 Gallon Capacity
- ~12" Diameter
- ~17" Height
- 0.8mm Wall & Bottom Thickness

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Joseph Edes
Bought Two

Great value and great quality.

christopher soboleski
Correct kettle received...

The stars aligned correctly and my 8-gallon kettle is now in my possession. Beautiful. Heavy. Volume indicators are 3/4" high and are nicely-pressed into the steel; they read left-to-right from inside, which is a nice touch. Graduations to seven gallons in one-quart increments. 17½" deep; 11½" interior diameter. Lid requires just a tiny push to have it set into place; does not knock around when in place. Handle on lid is wide enough to get four fingers through it. Awarding five stars; worth every penny...

christopher soboleski
Wrong item...

Ordered an eight-gallon pot. Received a sixteen-gallon pot with an invoice indicating an eight-gallon had been picked from the shelves and sent. Obviously, no one checked for the accuracy of the order. Sixteen-gallon returned and am now open-endedly waiting for AIH to receive their order for three eight-gallon kettles, one of which will be sent to me on a future date known only to God.

Joe Michalek
Great Pot for the price

Love it! Huge improvement over my 5 gallon aluminum pot. Now I just need to find an extra long thermometer to reach down to 2.5 gallons while it’s brewing.

George Krisik
Good Pot!

I can finally boil all the Ingredients all at one time. Basic but well-built.

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