Brewers Best Belgian Golden Ale

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Light body, dry finish and fruity notes
Belgian Golden Ale
Traditional Belgain strong golden Ale, authentic Belgian candi sugars create a nice dry finish and light body, nice clean canvas for the fruity notes you would expect from this traditional Ale

  • IBUs: 28 - 32
  • ABV: 7.5% - 8.0%
  • Difficulty: Easy

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Customer Reviews

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Anthony Sassin
LOVE the ale but.....!!

The Belgian Golden Ale was a great beer and easy to prepare for a novice, this is the second order! The one complaint have has to do with packaging. The first order one of the Golden Ale Candi syrup cap was not on completely and most of the Candi syrup had crystalized, I hadn't noticed until I began the boiling process so I had to cut the bag open and used the syrup crystals anyways. The beer still turned out excellent! The second order the brewers crystal powder was torn open and some of the crystal powder had spilled out in the box, almost like someone had slit the package like a bag of cocaine they were checking!!! I was able to salvage most of the brewers crystals and will begin brewing this order this week. I would suggest Adventures in Homebrewing to check boxes prior to shipping but other than that the Belgian Golden Ale is an excellent brew for a novice and will order again, hopefully.

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