BrewBuilt 22 Gallon SlingBlade Electric Heating Element (240V)

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SlingBlade 22 Gallon heating element.
Brewbuilt 22 Gallon SlingBlade Electric Heating Element

The BrewBuilt SlingBlade's unique crescent-shaped design promotes a rolling boil and even heat distribution. This electric heating element places all of the heating power on one side of the kettle, sending thermal energy upward to the surface that then cascades downward on the opposite side of the kettle. This movement creates natural turbulence that evenly distributes heat while creating a vigorous boil. By being located on one side of the kettle, the other side is clear for immersion chillers, and the curved shape won't obstruct the flow of wort during whirlpool. Thanks to the non-circular design, the SlingBlade can easily be installed on any kettle with a 1.5" tri-clamp ferrule. This also makes removing the element for cleaning between uses a breeze.

The SlingBlade heating elements were designed to fit perfectly with BrewBuilt brewing kettles, but you may find them suitable for other kettles as well. They should be used with T.C. ferrules no longer than 1" in length. For dimensions and recommended minimum kettle diameter, please see the chart below.

  • Made from Stainless Steel with a proprietary coating for long life.
  • 1.5" Tri-Clamp connection unique offset design promotes rolling boil.
  • Ultra-Low Watt Density eliminates scorching
  • UL Certified components
  • 240 Volt
  • L6-30 plug
  • 20 Amp breaker required for 10 & 15 gal element
  • 30 Amp breaker required for 22 & 31 gal element
  • The 50-gallon kettle requires 2 x BE437 and 2 x 30 amp circuits

Brewbuilt 22 Gallon SlingBlade Electric Heating Element
  • Wattage: 5000
  • Length: 17.25"
  • Radius: 8.3"
  • Minimum Kettle Size: 17.75"

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