Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve w/ Gauge

Item Number: 73-3324

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This product is used to relieve pressure when transferring , filtering, fermenting, or priming beer. The PSI range on the gauge is 0-30 PSI.

When filtering: This connects to the gas fitting on the keg you are filtering into and has adjustable relief valve for letting pressure off as the keg fills up plus it allows you to read the pressure in the receiving keg.

Notes: Does NOT include the gas fitting (add as an option).
You need to wind/unwind the end of the valve to adjust the pressure. It sometimes comes threaded all the way on from the manufacturer occasionally. Wrap a towel around the end piece(about 1/4 in) and clamp down on it while twisting the wrench fitting on the bottom(closest end to the Gas In QD) to loosen it. Then finger tighten or loosen to desired pressure.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Fauser
Pressure Control

I adapted this product to be part of my bottle filling station I use it to fill bottles from a Keg. I can adjust the pressure and allow the bottle to fill at a controlled rate. Good quality and well constructed.

Ryan Casey
Perfect Spunding Valve

This is a great Spunding valve. Works perfectly and is cheaper than building your own. Great for pressure fermenting beers.

Mark Heneks
Can't get this to work

I can't get this device to release any pressure; when I connect it to a pressurized keg it does not release pressure even with the end cap threaded on as little as possible and with 30+ PSI in the keg. I have to completely remove the end cap and manually release pressure to get any gas out, the spring is way too hard to compress and just prevents the whole thing from working.

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