7.6 Gallon Kegmenter Fermenting Keg

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7.6 Gallon Kegmenter Fermenting Keg

Ferment, carbonate and serve your delicious homebrew in the fantastic stainless steel Kegmenter. This 7.6 gallon capacity keg features a large 4" tri-clover opening with a lid with ball lock posts and a pressure relief valve. The Kegmenter has a working pressure of 2.5 BAR or 36 psi, providing enough pressure to transfer your beer to another Kegmenter for secondary fermentation and clarification, carbonate your batch inside the vessel and dispense from your tap. A floating dip tube ensures your keg pours down to the last drop and the recessed design of the ball lock posts allow you to safely stack up to 4 Kegmenter. We recommend using two Kegmenters, one for fermenting and one for carbonating and serving. If it will take 2-3 weeks to consume the finished beer, you may want to move it to a fresh vessel to avoid leaving the beer on the trub for too long. A simple Keg Jumper (Available Here!) makes transferring easy. For any pressurized fermentation we suggest using an Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve (Available Here!).

- Ferment, Carbonate & Serve in One Vessel!
- 7.6 Gallon Capacity - Perfect for 5 Gallon Batches
- Stainless Steel Construction with 4" Tri-Clover Opening
- Ball Lock Post Keg Lid with Pressure Relief Valve
- 36 PSI Working Pressure
- Stack Up to 4 Kegmenters

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