5 Liter Oak Barrel

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Five Liter Oak Barrel

Made of American White Oak Medium Char inside, these barrels are held together by 6 black bands. They come with a stand, bung and spigot. These barrels are perfect for mellowing and enhancing the flavors of whiskey, bourbon, rum, tequila, scotch, brandy, cognac, red wines and vinegar.

Dimensions 11.25" X 10.75" X 7.75" (from spigot to rear of barrel X top of bung to the countertop X width of barrel at the belly)

Diameter of Face of Barrel Head 5.5"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kurt Glitzenstein
Missing key bits!

Ordered 2 kegs. Neither came with bung or spigot, so both pretty much useless. It's been a couple of weeks but unfortunately no word back from AIH. Bummer.

James Sutton
Liking Parts

Just received two 5liter kegs. No bongs, no spigots and one stand cranked. E mail 5- 02 - 22. See how to reply.

Gary Sanger
Good Barrel

Great Barrel, not so great spigot, leaked. Cracked. Grain was in bad direction with aluminum shaft, replaced and all good. Sealed in 36 hours with water.

Great Barrel for Cask Ale

Well made barrel, with no leaks. Dropped in some One-Step and left it for a week to condition it. Dumped it, let it dry upside down for about 5 hours, then filled to near the top using a cobra tap from a keg of ESB I brewed. Put on the shelf in the fridge, and viola! Cask ale. Stays slightly carbonated. 5-liters is just about right to drink before the air completely turns the ESB (about 7-10 days). Beer hits its peak about 3-4 days in with slight oak and vanilla flavors. Every couple of fills, I drain the dregs, fill with One-Step solution, rinse, and refill with beer. Once I run out of ESB, I'll just fill with one-step and leave it. For sure don't let the keg go dry as it will likely ruin it making the wood shrink and likely leak. Perfect experiment that proves cask ale is easy to do at home. If 5 liters is too much for you to drink over a week or so, you could drop down to the 3-liter barrel.

Perfect Barrel

Well made - no leaks - holding my favorite home made brew now with no issues.

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