3 Body Secondary Regulator (Taprite)

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Taprite 3 Body Secondary Regulator

Secondary regulators do not connect to your Co2 tank, they have wall mounting brackets.

They are designed to connect inline to your primary regulator by a flexible gas line enabling you to adjust three different pressures at the same time. For example, this allows you to have 3 different levels of carbonation in 3 different beers at the same time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
works well

Lets me set different pressures on my kegs, no leaks that I can tell. The locking mechanism on the dials sometimes sticks, but tbh as long as the regulators work, i dont mind the minor inconvenience

Zane Oliver
Taprite 3 Way Regulator

My regulator came out of the box with no issues at all, no leaks, no stuck knob/regulator. Happy with the quality and that it had no leaks.

Matthew Valusek
Great secondary regulator

This was an excellent addition to my kegerator. I can control the carbonation of all 3 of my kegs. Do yourself a favor and use the fittings it comes with. Don't swap to the push to connect fittings for convenience, they do not make a good seal. I lost a 5lb tank of gas to them.

Bad gauge

Everything works fine but one of the gauges is bad. It sits at 2 psi with no pressure and remains 2psi higher than the other two throughout the range. AIH sent a new gauge which was a different size, then two more so Iíd have 3 matching, although they are still different gauges.

Mark Frisch
Great distributor

Replaced a 2 way manifold with this 3 way regulator. I can now distribute from 2 kegs while force carbing a third. Great investment (and relatively small one) that vastly improved my keg setup.

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