25' 3/8" Wort Chiller w/Garden Hose Fittings

Item Number: 99-6000

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All NEW! 25' 3/8" Wort Chiller w/Garden Hose Fittings

25' 3/8'' chillers are perfect for cooling 5 gallons of wort in minutes. No need to wait hours to pitch your yeast and tempt fate. Minimize bacterial infections of your wort and start fermenting ASAP. A wort chiller in combination with a yeast starter will make any average brewer a great brewer faster than you can chill 5 gallons of wort;)
Chillers are just coils of copper or stainless steel tubing. 25' of length is generally fine for five gallon batches while 50' chillers are better for ten gallon batches. Both are approximately 10" diameter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
It works, not the best shape.

It does what itís supposed to do, surprisingly well. Protips: coil your hose in a collet filled with ice and water, then run to this. Also, use washer hoses, they are good with more heat and more reliable. This product is worth the price, no issues on function. Form-wise, it could have been thought out moreÖ. A taller section for the connectors seems like a no brained, not sure why we couldnít make that happen.

Sam Perez
Very efficient cooling

Great addition to my brewing equipment. Easy to use... cut down the wort cooling time to less than 10 minutes. Love it!

Changes How You Brew

Changes how you brew! I selected this wort chiller from Adventures in Home Brewing because of the price, but was pleased with the speed at which it shipped and the quality of the product as well. Cooled the wort down quickly. My first batch was done in about 20 minutes without having to carry the wort anywhere. Would not brew without it now that I have used it. Thanks!

Bill D
Works good

It works good. I now cool my wort down to 100 degrees in about 15 minutes pumping water through it with a submersible pump in a cooler of ice water.

Dennis Flynn

This product works great as either as a primary or secondary chiller. Soft flexible copper tubing can be stretched a little to allow it being put inside and cooler and surrounded by ice water.

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