16 oz Amber E.Z. Cap Bottles (Case of 12)

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12 Swing Top Bottles
16 oz Amber E.Z. Cap bottles - Case of 12

Packed in a case of 12. This style of bottle is also commonly referred to as a Grolsch style bottle, and known as de beugel or 'swingtop'.

The top used to be made of porcelain, but is now made of plastic. Bottles with porcelain tops are still in circulation in the Netherlands. They are popular with home brewers.

The new design can also accommodate Crown Caps sold separately.

Grolsch bottles are becoming increasingly prevalent. The bottles seal with a plastic, gasket lid and a wire bale (included).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
For those on the fence i.e. shipping

This is just to, hopefully, help anyone else out that might be hesitant on shipment/breakage. I am purchasing items for a gift for my husband so cannot comment on use. Ordered only one case in the first order since I was concerned they might not make it through UPS's handling (boxes sometimes are mangled). Well, this was some of the most protective packaging I've ever encountered - peanuts in with the bottles themselves, the box of bottles surrounded by many more peanuts inside another box. Thank you! Hoping hubby enjoys and off to buy him a few more cases.

Great Product

Got a batch of 12 of these to test on a newer hefe' recipe and was very pleased with the glass thickness and sealing capability. Would definitely recommend to any small batch brewer. Will see how the Hefeweizen turns out. Cheers!


Exactly what I needed for a first home-brewing outing and I love that the bottles are totally reusable! Package came quickly and well packed, with no issues.

Sarah Fargusson
Good quality but missing some pieces

Bottles arrived safe and safe (no broken bottles yay!) but we were missing about 12 caps.

Lauren Mitchell
Wouldn't Have Gotten Anything Else

These are great bottles. The dark glass is great and they are very reusable. It's great not having to buy new caps and re-cap every time. Also, if my boyfriend doesn't finish a beer, he can cap it and slow the decarbonization. Unfortunately I did my math wrong and didn't buy enough bottles to handle 5 gallons of beer (I bought 24 16oz bottles). Guess I'll be buying another box.

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