15 Gallon 1 Weld Volume Marked Brew Pot

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15 gal Marked Pot with One weld

18 gauge with one 1/2" NPT welded female coupling. Perfect for a 1/2" ball valve assembly on the outside and a bazooka screen on the inside.

Pot measures approximately 16" (diameter) by 19" (height) and weighs just under 10 lbs

Inner Dimensions are 15 3/4" wide x 18 3/4" high

The inside of the pot features 1/4 gallon markings from 1/4 gallon to 14 gallons

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Rudy Taylor
Simple and Solid

I have bought the two-port version of this pot when it was on sale in 2019 to build an All-in-one electric brew-in-a-basket system. Pot has been amazing but my basket really limited my mash size. When this one went on sale I grabbed it quickly to make it into a dedicated mash tun. I now have a 15 gallon (5500w) electric pot and 15-gallon mash tun. I also use a rewired robobrew as an HLT and the stainless immersion coil that came with it as a herms coil. The pots are good quality and reliable. I wrapped them in reflectix to hold better temps/boils but otherwise I couldn't ask for more.

Great opportunity

For the price this kettle is a great way to get into BIB double batches.

Randy Siringer
Good pot

After brewing since 2007, I decided to do bigger batches and needed a 15 gallon pot. This serves the purpose really well, and seems very similar to the 10 gallon pot I bought from AIH ten years ago. I expect it to last the remainder of my brewing days! I've used it once, and was not disappointed!

Low quality/low price

The first one I recieved had a convex bottom and it rocked on the burner. It was returned and I received a second one for free. The lid didnít fit on the second one. I decided to live with it since I didnít want to deal with the hassle of another return. The kettle says that itís not induction compatible, but it actually works extremely well on induction. Just ok quality pot for a great price.

Good pot

Yeah ... you are going to need something like this eventually.

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