13.2 Gallon BrewKeg50 Unitank Conical Fermenter

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13.2 Gallon BrewKeg50 Unitank Conical Fermenter

Ferment, Carbonate, and Serve all from the same tank!

The BrewKeg50 is a pressurized, unitank conical fermenter constructed of stainless steel that is perfect for crafting and serving a 10 gallon batch of homebrewed beer (or cider). This fermenter has a 13.2 gallon capacity and can pressurize wort at up to 25 psi. Fermenting your batch under pressure reduces the ester production, allowing you to ferment at higher and more varied temperatures, from 64-82 F. The pressurization process also produces a clearer beer that is perfectly carbonated once fermentation is complete, letting you drink your creation even quicker. The compact design of the BrewKeg50 eliminates the need for kegging and easily fits into most kegerators. The conical design funnels yeast and trub to the included yeast collection ball, allowing you to remove unwanted detritus without racking to a separate vessel. The stainless steel design makes this sturdy unitank fermenter incredibly easy to clean and sanitize. The perfect choice for a any level brewer, the BrewKeg50 is all the equipment a homebrewer needs in one convenient package!

-Height: 30.55"
-Diameter: 15.61"
-Weight: 60 lbs.

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