10 Gallon Converted Igloo Cooler Mash Tun With False Bottom AND HLT

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10 Gallon Converted Igloo Cooler Mash Tun With False Bottom AND HLT

This package includes 2 Igloo coolers. One 10 gallon cooler will be used as a hot liquor tank. The HLT will include a ball valve and hose for sparging. The mash tun is a converted 10 Gallon Igloo cooler with a Stainless Steel false bottom, a stainless tube, and ball valve.

Color may vary due to availability.

This cooler system makes all grain brewing a breeze!!

First Time? Check out our cooler mashing instructions

Learn about sealing National Pipe Thread (NPT) fittings.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
B. Martin
Great Mash & Sparge Tanks

Already did a few all grain brews with these tanks, and they work perfectly. I'm DIY for almost everything and I was going to make my own, but considering the cost of the parts, this was a fair price for a turnkey system. Thanks!

David Painter
First Brew

Just finished my first all-grain brew. Worked perfectly! Black Hornet Stout is in the fermenter. Happy Customer. I wish that I could post a photo.

Great mash tun & HLT

Used for first time last week. Held temperature steady throughout entire mash. Did not lose even 1 degree.

Robert Parenti
Perfect Mash and Sparge

This set has been a great investment for my all grain brewing. Previously, I did everything BIAB, but I wanted better temperature control and a shorter mash. This set up certainly did the trick. Pros: The 10 gal tun is perfect for high gravity 6 gal batches and holds the heat all the way through the mash. I recommend getting the set that includes the HLT. Both the mash tun and HLT have the same valves which make it easy to obtain a constant flow rate during the sparge. Cons: My only critique are the instructions that came with the mash tun. They are an ok guide, but it would be much better to consult the water temperature equations and process in "How to Brew" by John Palmer (This book is well worth the investment). The setup is fairly simple, but It would have also been nice to have an assembly guide.

Andrew Bonnafant

After many uses the coolers are starting to bulge and crack not sure if they have a limit on use up until now theyíve worked excellent.

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