0-30 PSI Regulator For Propane

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with 1/4 inch NPT outlet
Tired of those wimpy "Efficient" propane regulators?
We like to call this our "King of the Hill". Hank would be proud! Simply remove your old regulator and replace it with this gas guzzling monster. Burn down the house baby....um, sorry, forgot we are just boiling wort here...FASTER!
Not responsible for loss of eyebrows or hair.

Propane Troubleshooting:

If you are not getting the best flame possible out of your propane burner, you may have triggered a safety valve in the propane regulator body. This occurs when the gas flow through the regulator is too great. You will need to disconnect the regulator from your propane tank to release the safety valve. While connecting your regulator to your propane tank, it is very important that the propane tank and all needle valves are completely closed. Once the regulator is correctly connected to your closed tank, open the propane tank slowly to allow gas to flow into the regulator. You can now open the needle valve enough to ignite your burner. Once the burner is lit you can slowly open the needle valve until you reach the desired flame intensity.

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